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Important Replibit Version 2017.04.24
Posted by Rick Klemetson, Last modified by Anne Doring on May 12, 2017 06:30 PM

Replibit Version 2017.04.24 Release 

Release Information


2017.04.24 Release

Release Date:

 Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 

eFolder is pleased to announce Replibit Version 2017.04.24, a minor release that includes important updates and bug fixes.


NOTICE- The May 9th 2017 Replibit release must be applied across *ALL* Replibit Appliances and Vaults. Please check your auto-update settings on each Appliance and Vault to ensure you are receiving the latest updates.

New Features

  • Replication Engine Enhancements
  • Multiple-Vault Replication Support
  • Enhancements to Replication Job Logs
  • Added a Replication Status page on GMP
  • Enforcement of Vault Retention Policy when using Storage-Based Licensing
  • Elimination of TCP port 22 requirements on vault for replication

Bug Fixes

  • ConnectWise Integration for In-The-Cloud and On-Premise Deployments
  • Resolved Password issue when setting a password using Special Characters
  • Minor backend Bug/GUI fixes and Enhancement
  • Agent update (manual install) to fix SQL and Exchange

 Important Service Advisories

Installation of this patch must be performed across *ALL* Appliances that perform replication to a Vault, and *ALL* Vaults.  Replication between two devices on different software versions will not function until both devices are updated to this patch!

If you have an eFolder Vault or GMP and auto-updates are not enabled, we will be initiating an update on June 9th, 2017.  Please ensure all Appliances and Vaults are on the same version by this date to avoid any interruption in replication.  If you need any assistance doing so, please open a ticket at

eFolder Replibit is pleased to announce the latest feature release patch.Included within this update is a significantly enhanced replication engine that has been streamlined to provide better performance and reliability. Interrupted snapshot transfers will no longer start transferring again from the beginning, but will instead be resumed from the point where they left off.  How does this impact you?  USB seeding should no longer be necessary for any but the largest protected systems for customers with reasonable Internet upload speeds.  Even very large base images should be able to replicate over the Internet, since interrupted transfers will no longer prevent these transfers from completing.

In addition, Replication to multiple Vaults is now supported. Each Protected System can now optionally be replicated to multiple destinations.  eFolder Replibit Partners may now offer multiple off-site datacenter redundancy to their customers.

When viewing Vault Replication from the Jobs tab, jobs will not be reported as complete until they have been fully consumed by the Vault.  Pending jobs will appear as ‘Running’ until Vault ingestion is completed.  Hover the mouse over the status icon for more info.

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