ImageManager 7.5.0 Enhancements
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ImageManager 7.5.0 Enhancements (May 2017)

  • Added replication target for AWS. Use your existing IAM (AWS) user account (or create a new one) and set an S3 bucket.
  • The Legacy ShadowStream client has been removed from the ImageManager installer and user interface. ShadowStreams jobs don’t show up anywhere in the ImageManager 7.5 user interface. The jobs are still running in the background but don’t show up in the user interface.

If you need to use the legacy ShadowStream client, you need to stay on ImageManager 7.1

Warning: Do NOT update to ImageManager 7.5 if you are running (and need to continue running) legacy ShadowStream jobs.  

If you update to ImageManager 7.5, all legacy ShadowStream jobs will be disabled and will not appear in the ImageManager 7.5 user interface. You will need to downgrade to ImageManager 7.1.0 to see the legacy jobs. The best practice is to create a new ShadowStream job with ShadowStream version 6.

Fixed Issues

  • HSR on ESXi 6.0 U3 and ESXi 6.5 are now available.
  • Fixed an issue with ShadowStream error list timout exceeded.

Known Issues

Source: eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect Technical Tips, Tricks and Updates blog
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