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Bandwidth limits KB

To help keep our systems healthy and your account safe, all Google Apps accounts have a limited amount of bandwidth. Certain activities that transfer large amounts of data in a short period of time, like synchronizing a Gmail account to a mobile phone or mail client, can cause an account to reach the bandwidth limit.

See Sync limits for recommendations specific to synchronization. Reaching the limit triggers a safeguard that temporarily suspends the account.

The following limits apply for Google Apps for Work or Education editions. Limits for domains during trial are lower. These limits may change without notice in order to protect Google’s infrastructure.

Bandwidth limits

LimitPer hourPer day
Download via web client 750 MB 1250 MB
Upload via web client 300 MB 500 MB

POP and IMAP bandwidth limits

LimitPer day
Download via IMAP 2500 MB
Download via POP 1250 MB
Upload via IMAP 500 MB

See Get started with IMAP and POP3 for instructions on using those methods.

To address migration needs, you can download your entire mailbox approximately 3 times per month.

Note - If you are locked out of your account - Your Google Apps administrators can check the User list in the Google Admin console to find details on which limits you hit and when access will be restored. In some cases, a Google Apps for Work, Government or Education account administrator can reset the Gmail suspension.


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