A. Set up impersonation rights in Microsoft Exchange
Posted by Jane Markheim, Last modified by Jane Markheim on May 11, 2016 10:15 AM

Before deploying Cloudfinder (Office 365), properly assign all permissions for Office 365—including the set up of Exchange impersonation rights.

The administrator login for Office 365 must have impersonation rights in order for Cloudfinder to access all of the Office 365 data. Here’s how to configure impersonation rights:

  1. Log in as Office 365 administrator at https://portal.microsoftonline.com/ and select ‘Exchange’ Admin center.
  2. Under permissions, go to admin roles.

  3. Under admin roles, select Discovery Management. Either double click on Discovery Management or use the pencil icon to reveal selection lists. Click the + sign to reveal the many different roles.

  4. Select the ApplicationImpersonation role. Click Add and OK.

  5. Finally, select the member name who will have the permission. Click the + sign to reveal member names. Click Save. The Office 365 user administrator now has impersonation rights.

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